Question 3

3. Are you avoiding paying more taxes, legal fees and other costs than you are legally required?

    Many Americans don't realize that estate taxes, probate and lawyer fees, very expensive guardianship legal cases as well as the financial consequences of  long term care expenses are entirely optional and totally avoidable. With preventive proper legal-financial-insurance estate planning strategies you can protect and pass 100%  of your hard earned assets to your loved ones.  We recommend that you always work with a team of professionals when it comes to comprehensive preventive asset protection for you, your family and/or business.   It is never too early to start estate planning. The CEPP professional is dedicated towards conducting proper assessment and preventing an 11th hour crisis in your family. The CEPP professional's goal is to help you plan in advance, while your are still physically and mentally capable of doing so and still in complete control of your affairs.

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