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Senior Needs - Estate Planning Designation 
Training and Seminar/Workshop 
Support with Legal, Insurance and 
Financial Experts
CEPP is designed for financial, insurance, securities, banking, accounting, employee benefit and other professional advisors that work with families, individuals, groups and Seniors on matters of Asset Protection, Retirement, Long Term Care, Financial, Income and Estate Planning Issues.  CEPP is not a designation that certifies you as an estate planning expert.  It is only a designation that shows you are a student of estate planning disciplines and process and that you are committed towards continuing education in the industry. It represents that you  do not work alone, but with a team of legal and financial professionals.  CEPP professionals are committed to education as humble students respecting the seriousness of the industry and honoring the discipline of proper and essential steps of doing complete asset protection  and estate planning assessments working with a team of professionals.

CEPP will help towards providing you with discipline and practical experience as you complete the steps of doing your own estate planning to prepare to meet with an attorney. Experience is an important step when you're going to be offering asset protection and estate planning assessment services to the public. Also as importantly CEPP Program helps you market, build and protect your practice while you strive foremost to protect your clients assets and help reduce  or avoid E&O Claims.

CEPP Graduates pride themselves in striving to seek continuing education and to help educate other Professionals and the Public on matters of Retirement-Long Term Care - Estate Planning, caring for the elderly and providing multi-generational estate planning to protect America's assets one family at a time! 

CEPP Online Study Program is 
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The Ultimate Online Learning Experience
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· Accelerated Success and Increased Income · Legal, Insurance and Financial Training · Knowledge of Avoiding and Reducing E & O Law Suits · Completing your own estate planning with CEPP Segment One · Studying Online at your own pace 

Success With Workshop 
Training and Support:

· Seminar / Workshop Training with Significant Savings and Results · Professional Products - Power Point Slides, Flyer Templates, Expert Video Tools  · Career Management Resource Center for coaching · Expert Network Assistance, Product Training · A Library of books, topics, ranging from: State and Federal law to Insurance products to Estate Planning · And Much, Much more...


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The Ultimate Online Learning Experience

CEPP is especially designed to provide you with practical experience in approaching an estate planning case by conducting a more thorough and proper asset protection and estate planning assessment.  Then, working with a team of professionals provide solutions to complete in a timely manner a comprehensive and essential asset protection and estate plan that suits the need of the client and family. CEPP also helps you market, build and protect your practice and reduce or avoid E&O claims.  Segment One Includes doing your own estate planning assessment - preparing you to have legal documents prepared by an estate planning attorney. 
 CEPP Designation Program has 3 segments

Each segment is designed to complete in a weekend or at your own pace.  Each course is downloaded from your computer and you can print or read online.  When you are ready - you with a proctor take the exam online - closed book.  You have 2 hours for each multiple-choice exam. Segment one and two have 100 questions. Segment three has 50 questions. When you've completed all three exams with all requirements being met - you will receive your CEPP designation and certificate within 30 days in the mail. (Classroom program with instructor for groups of 12 or more may be available upon request - fee based).

CEPP Program-Table of Contents
CEPP Segment One

Part 101

  • Chapter 1 Estate Planning and the Financial/Insurance Advisor 
  • Chapter 2 Most Common Mistakes In Estate Planning 
  • Chapter 3 Choices With Your Estate Planning Goals and Concerns 
  • Chapter 4 What You Are Worth - Your Gross Estate 
  • Chapter 5 What Is Probate? Should You Avoid It?
  • Chapter 6 Taxes 
  • Chapter 7 Your Total Estate Exposure 
  • Chapter 8 Basic Estate Planning Legal Documents 
  • Chapter 9 The Revocable Living Trust 
  • Chapter 10 Taking the Fear Out of Estate Planning and Completing the Task
  •  A Quick Review 
  • Part 102

  • Chapter 1 Law and the Financial/Insurance Advisor 
  • Chapter 2 Demographics and Expectations 
  • Chapter 3 Customer Satisfaction: The Best Protection against Frivolous Lawsuits 
  • Chapter 4 Market Conduct 
  • Chapter 5 Errors and Omissions Insurance 
  • Chapter 6 Estate Planning Legal Issues 
  • Chapter 7 Asset Protection Strategies for the Financial/Insurance Advisor 



    CEPP Segment Two
    Part 103
  • Introduction 
  • Chapter 1 Common Mistakes in Insurance and Estate Planning 
  • Chapter 2 Property and Casualty - Liability Insurance 
  • Chapter 3 Life Insurance as Basic Financial Protection for the 
  •  Family's Lifestyle and Security 
  • Chapter 4 Disability - The Sleeper That Can Destroy an Estate Plan 
  • Chapter 5 Long Term Care 
  • Chapter 6 Federal Estate Taxes and Life Insurance 
  • Chapter 7 Annuities and Estate Planning 
  • Chapter 8 Life Insurance, Estate Equalization and 
  • Keeping the Business or Farm Within the Family 
  • Chapter 9 Life Insurance after Retirement
  • Chapter 10 The Uses of Charitable Trusts in Estate Planning Summary 



    Part 104

  • Chapter 1 Multi-generational Estate Planning 
  • Chapter 2 Understanding the Senior Generation 
  • Chapter 3 Understanding The Baby Boomer Generation 
  • Chapter 4 Understanding The X Generation 
  • Chapter 5 Multi-generational Estate Planning in Action 
  • Chapter 6 21st Century Family Concerns 
  • Chapter 7 Love and Tough Love - Estate Planning Situations 
  • Chapter 8 Special Needs Situations 
  • Chapter 9 When The Generations Unite for a Common Goal 
  • Chapter 10 The CEPP Practitioner - 
  • Help Putting It All Together 



     CEPP Segment Three
  • Chapter 1 Need for Long Term Care Planning 
  • Chapter 2 What Is Long Term Care? 
  • Chapter 3 Medicare, Medigap and Long Term Care
  • Chapter 4 Medicaid and Long Term Care 
  • Chapter 5 Introduction to Long Term Care Insurance 
  • Chapter 6 Important Policy Provisions 
  • Chapter 7 Premium Considerations 
  • Chapter 8 Elder Fraud and Abuse 
  • Chapter 9 Consumer Protection Issues 
  • Appendix A: Virginia-Sample Application for Medicaid 
  • Appendix B: Sample Long Term Care Insurance Policies
    What CEPP Members Are Saying... "

    The Chartered Estate Planning Practitioner course was informative and enlightening. I highly recommend this course for financial professionals who are looking to protect their client's assets and quality of life. " Thanks, MS 


    To maintain Current Status of CEPP membership through EPI, Eight Estate Planning Continuing Education Credits are required every 2 years through EPI. Courses are available through EPI - December is the deadline for each year.

    CEPP annual certification and membership fee is $150.00. Benefits include being able to continue use of any CEPP materials and member benefits. CEPP Continuing Education courses are provided fee based.


    Each Segment is $350 that includes the exam. 
    Save $100 if you pay for 3 segments at enrollment. Credit Card Enrollment Call 800 232 6465. Call for information on group discounts of 12 or more. 

    CEPP Permanent Record 
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    The next section must be completed and faxed or mailed in (along with a copy of your professional license and a photo ID for our records and a business card with this enrollment form) before your CEPP matriculation can be completed. We do not share any information - we do protect your privacy.

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    Thank You for Your Enrollment Application. If we can assist you further, please call: 1 800 232 6465. Upon approval for online studies you will receive your CEPP Password and username along with your receipt of payment. 


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    Your CEPP-EPI Oath with Enrollment

    I have reviewed and agree to abide by the laws of the state of my professional license and the Code of Professional Ethics adopted by the national professional organization of my profession and the state organization's Code of Professional Ethics and also the Code of Professional Ethics of the Estate Planning Institute I pledge to support, cooperate, and assist my fellow CEPP-EPI members with honor, integrity, teamwork and due diligence. I understand that I do not practice law, nor provide any legal advice unless I am licensed to do so.

    CEPP-EPI Enrollment Memorandum of
    Understanding and Agreement

     I am committed to working with a team of professionals, dedicated to protecting assets one family at a time. I will strive to obtain estate planning awareness and educational programs in my community and to assist other CEPP-EPI members to do the same. I dedicate my practice to help raise awareness for the care of the elderly and to bring families together to care for each other with multi-generational estate planning. 
     I understand that CEPP is NOT a designation that certifies you as an estate planning expert.  It is only a designation that shows you are a student of estate planning process as a practitioner and that you are committed towards continued education in the industry and that you do not work alone, but with a team of legal and financial professionals. CEPP professionals - are committed to continued education as humble students respecting the seriousness of the industry and the discipline of proper and essential steps of doing complete assessments - working with a team of professionals.  I understand that no legal services are provided for CEPP members or their clients through EPI. I understand that no legal services are offered or rendered through the Estate Planning Institute and that no memberships are transferable or re-salable to any other individual, firm or entity. I understand that (1) all educational material provided in the CEPP program is the confidential proprietary property of EPI and is intended solely for the educational purposes of the CEPP student. None of this material may be modified or duplicated other than for student CEPP educational purposes, edited or shall it be distributed to any other person without the written permission of EPI; (2) all tuition is nonrefundable; (3) any disputes involving legal action shall be construed according to Virginia law and only through the Virginia court system; (4) EPI may change and/or modify any part of the CEPP program including designation(s) without prior notice; (5) a professional designation such as CEPP represents the completion of the education program only and that CEPP only has the integrity, competence, professional image and confidence to the public that the CEPP graduate represents to peers, clients and the general public; (6) that there is no procedure in most states for approving or certifying professional organizations. (7) that EPI has no responsibility of any actions of CEPP graduates in any way.  I have read, understood and agree to the above terms for enrollment for the CEPP professional designation program of The Estate Planning Institute. I understand that any unethical or illegal actions by me as perceived by the Estate Planning Institute could terminate my CEPP-EPI membership and designation with the Estate Planning Institute,

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