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  • Designation and Seminar/Workshop Training with Significant Savings and Results
  • Professional Products - Power Point Slides, Flyer/Mailer Templates and Videos for
  • Marketing, Advertising and Client Education Tools.
  • Elder Law Attorney Network Assistance, Product Training
  • Library of books, topics, ranging from: State and Federal laws to Insurance Products for Estate Planning
  • Segment One Includes Completing Your Own Estate Plan with Video and Assessment Program for Legal & Financial Professionals Included.
Gain The RESPECT and increase your CONFIDENCE. Deliver FIRST-CLASS Services with Full Proper Asset Protection and Estate Planning Services Working With YOUR team of professionals.  Get Started NOW!  Yes - you can be the Trusted Advisor that earns trust AND deserves it!

CEPP Passing exam taking -100% - Success Rate.
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Open Door Access and Prompt Support !

If you're a Serious Professional, Wanting to Serve Seniors, Conduct Community Workshops,  Protect Your Business, Your Client's Assets, avoid E&O Law Suits and increase your revenues - - NOW is the time to act. No travel. No boring classes. REAL information - delivered at your own pace! (And, yes, you can earn CEPP in a few as 30 days!)
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"The CEPP Program is easy to read - the best thing was that I could do it online and at my own pace. As a broker I recommend to all my advisers. I found the whole experience eye opening, rewarding and enjoyable. Compared to other programs I've taken I would recommend this course as being the most practical and rewarding."  MT, MA

"The Chartered Estate Planning Practitioner course was informative and enlightening. I highly recommend this course for financial professionals who are looking to protect their client's assets and quality of life." MS, Florida


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